çoğu gitti azı kaldı

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çoğu gitti azı kaldı
down to the short strokes
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Phonetic: "/daʊn/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A negative aspect; a downer.

Example: I love almost everything about my job. The only down is that I can't take Saturdays off.

Definition: A grudge (on someone).

Definition: An act of swallowing an entire drink at once.

Definition: A single play, from the time the ball is snapped (the start) to the time the whistle is blown (the end) when the ball is down, or is downed.

Example: I bet after the third down, the kicker will replace the quarterback on the field.

Definition: (crosswords) A clue whose solution runs vertically in the grid.

Example: I haven't solved 12 or 13 across, but I've got most of the downs.

Definition: A downstairs room of a two-story house.

Example: She lives in a two-up two-down.

Definition: Down payment.

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Phonetic: "/daʊn/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To knock (someone or something) down; to cause to come down, to fell.

Example: A single rifle shot downed the mighty beast.

Definition: To lower; to put (something) down.

Example: The bell rang for lunch, and the workers downed their tools.

Definition: To defeat; to overpower.

Definition: To disparage, to put down.

Definition: To go or come down; to descend.

Definition: To drink or swallow, especially without stopping before the vessel containing the liquid is empty.

Example: He downed an ale and ordered another.

Definition: To render (the ball) dead, typically by touching the ground while in possession.

Example: He downed it at the seven-yard line.

Definition: (pocket billiards) To sink (a ball) into a hole or pocket.

Example: He downed two balls on the break.

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Phonetic: "/daʊn/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Sad, unhappy, depressed, feeling low.

Example: Mary seems very down since she split up with her boyfriend.

Definition: (normally in the combination 'down with') Sick or ill.

Example: He is down with the flu.

Definition: At a lower level than before.

Example: Prices are down.

Definition: Having a lower score than an opponent.

Example: At 5–1 down, she produced a great comeback to win the set on a tiebreak.

Definition: (following the noun modified) Out.

Example: Two down and one to go in the bottom of the ninth.

Definition: (with "on") Negative about, hostile to.

Example: Ever since Nixon, I've been down on Republicans.

Definition: Comfortable with, accepting of, approachable.

Example: Are you down to hang out at the mall, Jamal?

Definition: Inoperable; out of order; out of service.

Example: The system is down.

Definition: Finished (of a task); defeated or dealt with (of an opponent or obstacle); elapsed (of time). Often coupled with to go (remaining).

Example: Ten minutes down and nothing's happened yet.

Definition: (police, of a person) Wounded and unable to move normally, or killed.

Example: There are three soldiers down and one walking wounded.

Definition: (of an aircraft) Mechanically failed, collided, shot down, or otherwise suddenly unable to fly.

Example: We have a chopper down near the river.

Definition: Thoroughly practiced, learned or memorised; mastered. (Compare down pat.)

Example: It's two weeks until opening night and our lines are still not down yet.

Definition: Downright; absolute; positive.

Definition: Accepted or respected, especially in the black or thug community.

Example: What you mean, 'No'? Man, I thought you was down.

Definition: Facing downwards.

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Phonetic: "/daʊn/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: From a higher position to a lower one; downwards.

Example: The cat jumped down from the table.

Definition: At a lower or further place or position along a set path.

Example: His place is farther down the road.

Definition: South (as south is at the bottom of typical maps).

Example: I went down to Miami for a conference.

Definition: Away from the city (regardless of direction).

Example: He went down to Cavan.

Definition: At or towards any place that is visualised as 'down' by virtue of local features or local convention, or arbitrarily, irrespective of direction or elevation change.

Example: She lives down by the park.

Definition: Towards the opponent's side (in ball-sports).

Definition: Into a state of non-operation.

Example: The computer has been shut down.

Definition: To a subordinate or less prestigious position or rank.

Example: After the incident, Kelly went down to Second Lieutenant.

Definition: In the direction leading away from the principal terminus, away from milepost zero.

Definition: (sentence substitute) Get down.

Example: Down, boy! (such as to direct a dog to stand on four legs from two, or to sit from standing on four legs.)

Definition: (academia) Away from Oxford or Cambridge.

Example: He's gone back down to Newcastle for Christmas.

Definition: From a remoter or higher antiquity.

Example: These traditions have been handed down over generations.

Definition: So as to lessen quantity, level or intensity.

Example: Please turn the music down!

Definition: So as to reduce size, weight or volume.

Example: Boil the mixture down to a syrupy consistency.

Definition: From less to greater detail.

Example: This spreadsheet lets you drill down to daily or even hourly sales figures.

Definition: So as to secure or compress something to the floor, ground, or other (usually horizontal) surface.

Example: We need to nail down this carpet so people don't keep tripping over it.

Definition: (intensifier) Used with verbs to add emphasis to the action of the verb.

Example: They tamped (down) the asphalt to get a better bond.

Definition: Used with verbs to indicate that the action of the verb was carried to some state of completion, rather than being of indefinite duration.

Example: He boiled the mixture. / He boiled down the mixture.

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Phonetic: "/daʊn/"

Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: From the higher end to the lower of.

Example: The ball rolled down the hill.

Definition: From nouth to south of.

Example: We sailed down the eastern seaboard.

Definition: From one end to another of (in any direction); along.

Example: The bus went down the street.

Definition: At (a given place that is seen as removed from one's present location or other point of reference).

Example: I'll see you later down the pub.

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Phonetic: "/tʉː/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: Toward a closed, touching or engaging position.

Example: Please push the door to.

Definition: Into the wind.

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Phonetic: "/tʉː/"

Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: Indicating destination: In the direction of, and arriving at.

Example: We are walking to the shop.

Definition: Used to indicate the target or recipient of an action.

Example: He devoted himself to education.

Definition: Used to indicate result of action.

Example: His face was beaten to a pulp.

Definition: Used to indicate a resulting feeling or emotion.

Example: To everyone's great relief, the tuneless carol singers finally ceased their warbling.

Definition: Used after an adjective to indicate its application.

Example: similar to ..., relevant to ..., pertinent to ..., I was nice to him, he was cruel to her, I am used to walking.

Definition: Denotes the end of a range.

Example: It takes 2 to 4 weeks to process typical applications.

Definition: As a.

Example: With God to friend (with God as a friend);   with The Devil to fiend (with the Devil as a foe);   lambs slaughtered to lake (lambs slaughtered as a sacrifice);   took her to wife (took her as a wife);   was sold to slave (was sold as a slave).

Definition: Used to indicate a ratio or comparison.

Example: I have ten dollars to your four.

Definition: Used to indicate that the preceding term is to be raised to the power of the following value; indicates exponentiation.

Example: Three squared or three to the second power is nine.

Definition: (time) Preceding.

Example: ten to ten = 9:50; We're going to leave at ten to (the hour).

Definition: Used to describe what something consists of or contains.

Example: Anyone could do this job; there's nothing to it.

Definition: At.

Example: Stay where you're to and I'll come find you, b'y.

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Phonetic: "/ði/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: With a comparative or with more and a verb phrase, establishes a correlation with one or more other such comparatives.

Example: It looks weaker and weaker, the more I think about it.

Definition: With a comparative, and often with for it, indicates a result more like said comparative. This can be negated with none. See none the.

Example: I'm much the wiser for having had a difficult time like that.

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Phonetic: "/ʃoːt/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A short circuit.

Definition: A short film.

Definition: A short version of a garment in a particular size.

Example: 38 short suits fit me right off the rack.

Definition: A shortstop.

Example: Jones smashes a grounder between third and short.

Definition: A short seller.

Example: The market decline was terrible, but the shorts were buying champagne.

Definition: A short sale.

Example: He closed out his short at a modest loss after three months.

Definition: A summary account.

Definition: A short sound, syllable, or vowel.

Definition: An integer variable having a smaller range than normal integers; usually two bytes long.

Definition: An automobile; especially in crack shorts, to break into automobiles.

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Phonetic: "/ʃoːt/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To cause a short circuit in (something).

Definition: Of an electrical circuit, to short circuit.

Definition: To shortchange.

Definition: To provide with a smaller than agreed or labeled amount.

Example: This is the third time I’ve caught them shorting us.

Definition: To sell something, especially securities, that one does not own at the moment for delivery at a later date in hopes of profiting from a decline in the price; to sell short.

Definition: To shorten.

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Phonetic: "/ʃoːt/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Having a small distance from one end or edge to another, either horizontally or vertically.

Definition: (of a person) Of comparatively small height.

Definition: Having little duration.

Example: Our meeting was a short six minutes today. Every day for the past month it’s been at least twenty minutes long.

Definition: (followed by for) Of a word or phrase, constituting an abbreviation (for another) or shortened form (of another).

Example: “Phone” is short for “telephone” and "asap" short for "as soon as possible".

Definition: (of a fielder or fielding position) that is relatively close to the batsman.

Definition: (of a ball) that bounced relatively far from the batsman.

Definition: (of an approach shot or putt) that falls short of the green or the hole.

Definition: (of pastries) Brittle, crumbly, especially due to the use of a large quantity of fat. (See shortbread, shortcake, shortcrust, shortening.)

Definition: Abrupt; brief; pointed; petulant.

Example: He gave a short answer to the question.

Definition: Limited in quantity; inadequate; insufficient; scanty.

Example: a short supply of provisions

Definition: Insufficiently provided; inadequately supplied, especially with money; scantily furnished; lacking.

Example: I'd lend you the cash but I'm a little short at present.

Definition: Deficient; less; not coming up to a measure or standard.

Example: an account which is short of the truth

Definition: Undiluted; neat.

Definition: Not distant in time; near at hand.

Definition: Being in a financial investment position that is structured to be profitable if the price of the underlying security declines in the future.

Example: I'm short General Motors because I think their sales are plunging.

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Phonetic: "/ʃoːt/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: Abruptly, curtly, briefly.

Example: He cut me short repeatedly in the meeting.

Definition: Unawares.

Example: The recent developments at work caught them short.

Definition: Without achieving a goal or requirement.

Example: His speech fell short of what was expected.

Definition: (of the manner of bounce of a cricket ball) Relatively far from the batsman and hence bouncing higher than normal; opposite of full.

Definition: With a negative ownership position.

Example: We went short most finance companies in July.

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Phonetic: "/ʃoːt/"

Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: Deficient in.

Example: He's short common sense.

Definition: Having a negative position in.

Example: I don’t want to be short the market going into the weekend.

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Phonetic: "/stɹəʊks/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: An act of stroking (moving one's hand over a surface).

Example: She gave the cat a stroke.

Definition: A blow or hit.

Example: a stroke on the chin

Definition: A single movement with a tool.

Definition: One of a series of beats or movements against a resisting medium, by means of which movement through or upon it is accomplished.

Example: the stroke of a bird's wing in flying, or of an oar in rowing

Definition: A powerful or sudden effort by which something is done, produced, or accomplished; also, something done or accomplished by such an effort.

Example: a stroke of genius; a stroke of business; a master stroke of policy

Definition: A line drawn with a pen or other writing implement, particularly:

Definition: A streak made with a brush.

Definition: The time when a clock strikes.

Example: on the stroke of midnight

Definition: A style, a single movement within a style.

Example: butterfly stroke

Definition: The loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted.

Definition: A sudden attack of any disease, especially when fatal; any sudden, severe affliction or calamity.

Example: a stroke of apoplexy; the stroke of death

Definition: The oar nearest the stern of a boat, by which the other oars are guided.

Definition: The rower who is nearest the stern of the boat.

Definition: Backstage influence.

Definition: A point awarded to a player in case of interference or obstruction by the opponent.

Definition: An individual discharge of lightning.

Example: A flash of lightning may be made up of several strokes. If they are separated by enough time for the eye to distinguish them, the lightning will appear to flicker.

Definition: The result or effect of a striking; injury or affliction; soreness.

Definition: An addition or amendment to a written composition; a touch.

Example: to give some finishing strokes to an essay

Definition: A throb or beat, as of the heart.

Definition: Power; influence.

Definition: Appetite.

Definition: In transactional analysis, a (generally positive) reaction to a person, fulfilling their needs or desires.

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Phonetic: "/stɹəʊks/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To move one's hand or an object (such as a broom) along (a surface) in one direction.

Definition: To hit the ball with the bat in a flowing motion.

Definition: To give a finely fluted surface to.

Definition: To row the stroke oar of.

Example: to stroke a boat

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